Samples of 2 Bedroom House Plans for Modern Homeowners

Lately, houses with two bedrooms become really popular. With carefully designed 2 bedroom house plans, such houses will be really efficient. Well-designed house with two bedrooms does not have to be built on a large space. Even smaller house will still be functional without looking cramped. This house type is great for a little family. The couple who does not have children can also plan such a house to accommodate guests.

2 Bedroom House Plans

Samples of 2 Bedroom House Plans

When picking a house plan, you should always consider your own lifestyle and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all house plan. Let’s see these following 2 bedroom house plans.

  1. Double Master Bedrooms House Plan

There are people who want big bedrooms but do not know how to properly arrange the floor so it will not look too small. You can research 2 bedroom house plans with 2 master suites on various sources. The most effective way to place two master bedrooms in a house is placing them on opposite ends of the house. The free space in between two bedrooms can be utilized as the main area. Placing kitchen, dining, and living room there will make it fully functional.

2 bedroom house plan

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  1. Open Floor House Plan

Nowadays 2 bedroom house plans open floor plan also become really popular. The open floor plan is suitable for a small size house. Instead of using walls to separate different areas within the house, other types of dividers are used. Partition or big cupboard can be used to divide spaces. However, the homeowner must realize that sense of ultimate privacy may not be achieved. You can work around that by placing private area like bedrooms in the inner corners of your house far from the busy parts.

2 bedroom house plans open floor plan

  1. Added Garage House Plan

There are also 2 bedroom house plans with added garage. It is understandable that the homeowner wants to have his or her own parking spot. The garage can be placed at one side of your house, away from the front door. It will make the house seems less closed off. A door from garage leading to the main house can be installed as well. However, you are at risk of letting polluted air into the house. Bedrooms are also suggested to be placed away from garage so occupants will not be disturbed by loud car noises.

  1. Apartment Size House Plan

Large space is nearly unaffordable, especially in big cities. Because of that, families tend to look for 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq ft. That size is more or less equal to an apartment. At such a tight space, the homeowner must compromise by designing smaller bedrooms. Instead of having an en suite bathroom, sharing a bathroom together might be a better solution. To deal with small space, the living area is recommended to be designed as openly as possible. You can place a working table in the living room.

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  1. Front Patio House Plan

If you are living in a place with nice weather, having a patio is considered a necessity. There are some 2 bedroom house plans with the patio that can be checked out. To those who are living in a small space, the patio is recommended to be placed at the front. It is utilized as a secondary living room. Since a part of the space inside is already taken up by the front patio, minimizing dividers is a good way to make the house more open.