Tips to Make 5 Bedroom House Plans

5 bedroom house plans are probably sought by those who own vast land and want to build a massive house on it. A house with 5 bedrooms is suitable for large families. The numerous rooms can be used by all members of the family. Aside from the master bedroom, four other rooms should be enough to give everyone in the house the comfort they need by having their own room.

5 bedroom house plan

What to Consider When Making 5 Bedroom House Plans 1 Story?

There are numerous things to consider when you plan to build a house with many bedrooms. Well,  5 bedroom house plans must be well-chosen because the house will be immense and everyone is going to notice it. If you really have the plan to create a house with five bedrooms inside, here are some tips to consider.

2 story 5 bedroom house plans

  1. The Placement of the Rooms

Having 5 bedroom means there will be numerous rooms in a house. Cramping the rooms for one to another will be considered awful. This is why you need to make sure the placement of rooms is well-considered. In this house plan, the rooms can be scattered on the same floor with kitchen, bathroom, and hall as the separator. Meanwhile, in 2 story house, the master bedroom along with 1 other room should be on the second floor. The other 3 rooms should be placed downstairs.

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5 bedroom house plans

  1. The Additional Rooms

Besides 5 bedrooms, including the master bedroom, of course, you cannot neglect the additional space for the house. If space is spared, make sure you include extra room down the hall or on the back of the house. The extra rooms can be used as a guest bedroom or a spare bedroom. Therefore, they need to be there on 5 bedroom house plans

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  1. Utilizing Basement and Garage in 15 Bedroom House Plans

In house plan for 5 rooms or even 15 bedrooms, basement and garage should be well considered. These areas are often taken for granted because the focus of plans is on the bedrooms. If the basement and garage are forgotten, the house will be incomplete and will not function well.

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In fact, a house with 5 bedrooms is considered to be massive for sure. It is probably looking grand already from the outside. To make sure the inside part of the house is not going to disappoint anyone, follow those tips up above. They are going to make you establish the 5 bedroom house plans with ease and precision.