6 Amazing Bedroom Window Treatments

The window is a pivotal aspect of a bedroom. It encourages air circulation and provides a way out during emergency situations. Installing appropriate bedroom window treatments is important. Good treatment of a window will improve its functionality, aesthetical value, and your privacy as bedroom occupant. Let’s learn some treatment ideas to apply in your bedroom.

Six Cool Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Here are six cool treatments that you can apply to your bedroom.

  1. Window Treatment for Bedroom without Frames

In modern buildings, you can easily find windows that are as tall as the walls. Such windows give the impression of a larger room. They certainly make the room feel airy. Large windows allow greater outside exposure to the room. To deal with this window type, a classic blind is the best treatment option since it allows the windows to function as they are supposed to.

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Bedroom Window Treatments
Preferred Master Bedroom Window Treatments
bedroom window curtain ideas master bedroom window window treatment ideas
bedroom window curtain ideas master bedroom window treatment ideas for bedroom

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  1. Fringed Curtain with Tassel

You may want to steer away from regular bedroom window treatments. Fringed curtain with tassel accents is a great curtain style. The fringe and tassel accents certainly add an extra flair to otherwise conventional curtain. It adds a Bohemian vibe to the whole room. To increase that vibe, it will be better if you choose the patterned fabric.

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Silhouette Window Shadings with a deux by Timan Window Treatments


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  1. Ruched Shades

Another cool idea is the ruched shade. It is not only protecting the room from sunlight and prying eyes. The pleated shade fabric provides a classic and timeless feel to the room. Soft and heavy material is perfect for ruched style shade. Match some fabric components in the room with its window shade.

Window Treatment for Bedroom

Small Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas For Elegant Master Bedroom
Small Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas For Elegant Master Bedroom
  1. Graphic Print Curtain

The plain curtain does not look as appealing as the printed one. The graphic print curtain does not only provide shading from outside exposure. It also offers a nice pop of color. You can choose abstract patterns or even comic character print for the design. The curtain is a great choice for a young child or teenager’s room. An adult room can benefit from this curtain style too.

Window Treatment for Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas With Small Bedroom

  1. Lambrequins and Bamboo Blinds

Lambrequin is among the cool bedroom window treatments that you can try out. It is a drapery that covers the upper part of a window. This kind of treatment for the window does not protect the room completely. It will be suitable to be placed in a room with low sunlight access and far from the public. There are many models available.

Window Treatment Ideas With Awesome Bedroom Design

Do you prefer natural looking bedroom window treatments? You should try a bamboo blind. It is made of woven bamboo pieces that form a blind. When the room needs sunlight, it can be folded up. The blind gives a natural look to a bedroom. It also offers some texture. This type of blind makes the room feel cooler.