Average Electric Bill for 1 Bedroom Apartment

Let’s face it: we cannot live without our beloved electric appliances. Unfortunately, with the use of electricity, comes the bill. Sometimes the electric bill gets so high that you do not know how to deal with it. This article will be discussing smart ways to control the average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment. Controlling the bill will help you focus on more demanding financial matters.

average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment

How to Control Average Electricity Bill for 1 Bedroom Apartment?

Below are methods to reduce the electric bill for a small apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms.

  1. Lower the Average Electric Bill for 2 Bedroom Apartment with Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The lighting system is an essential part of the house. The lights will be turned out, most likely during the night. The old type of light bulbs is not energy efficient. They will crank up the electric bill. Change the regular bulbs with fluorescent ones to save energy. They are more expensive but will be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Cleaning Air Conditioner Filters

The air conditioner is often responsible for increasing the average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment. A part of the reason is that it does not work properly. The filters are probably too dirty and hinder the AC to work efficiently. Cleaning the filters regularly is mandatory since it improves the device’s functionality.

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  1. Unplugging Electronics

People who live in a single bedroom apartment may feel like they are paying the bill for 2 bedroom apartment. A possible reason is a failure to unplug electronic devices when they are not in use. When the device is unplugged, the electric current is still being sent there. It can also damage the device.

  1. Cooking Smartly

Cooking is another thing that will affect an average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment. You should try to be mindful of methods being used for cooking. It will be better if one attempts to reduce processing steps of raw ingredients. The effect will not only be seen in the body but also the end month electric bill.

  1. Average Electric Bill for 2 Bedroom Apt by Reducing Water Heater Usage

Excessive water heater usage will charge you an average bill. It is highly recommended not to use this tool excessively, but no one really knows. Many people waste too much hot water during showering. Reducing the temperature to warm one is a nice thing to prevent high billing.

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Moreover, the thermal-saving curtain is a nice invention that allows you to pay lower than average electric bill for 1 bedroom apartment. It keeps the room temperature inside stable since the curtain prevents temperature change by the sunlight. Because of that, you will not be required to turn on the air conditioner during summer time.

The average Electricity Bill For 1 Bedroom Apartment

Besides an average electricity bill for 1 bedroom apartment, you might don’t know what is actually you should pay for your apartment utilities. Here are some other bills you should pay in a month:

  1. Internet and Cable

Most modern people need the internet connection. Without the internet, they can’t do their job properly. So, almost all of the apartment provides internet and cable. Then your bills actually include this utility as well.

  1. Natural Gas

In some country, the apartment provides natural gas for warming the room’s temperature even for cooking. So you are charged more to pay this bill. Please check carefully before you decide to move to a new apartment. If you don’t really need this, you can tell to not using the utility especially if you are moving for a temporary time. This will save the average electricity bill for a 1-bedroom apartment.

  1. Water, Garbage, and Sewer

As a normal household, you must be using water for daily need. It can be a form of shower, cooking, and urinate. This facility might be the most important part of all aspect of life. Without water, we can’t even life normally. To reduce water cost, you should wisely use your water by not let it drop when unused.

Besides that, garbage is another normal thing we produce every day. We are routinely waste an unnecessary or residual thing. This needs special treatment for cleaning. So the apartment usually provides this facility to save your time. But you should pay more for this bill.

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So, that’s all about the average cost of utilities for an apartment you should pay for a month. Please check carefully the total amount before certainly pay. Please be a wise user for reducing electricity and water cost.