Great Bedroom Ideas for Apartments with Various Sizes

Apartments become a good alternative to the house. The size is not as big as a house, yet it has enough area for a bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Even, some of them are big enough with a kitchen and some bedrooms. In this case, when you also live in an apartment, it means you should have good ideas or references to organize the space. Moreover, organizing a bedroom is one of the important points. Related to this, there are some bedroom ideas for apartments as good references. Therefore, your apartment can be tidier and more organized.

Bedroom Ideas for Apartments as References

It is quite tricky to decorate the bedroom in an apartment. It is different from houses that have enough spaces for a bedroom, so things can be easier to decorate. There can also be more options for furniture as well. However, it does not mean your apartment bedroom cannot be decorated. These are some good bedroom ideas for an apartment.

bedroom ideas for apartment

Cute Apartment Bedroom Ideas


  1. Bedroom with the separator of a curtain

For the case of a small apartment where there is no dedicated room for a bed, it is important to manage the space to apply bedroom ideas for apartments. When you need a specified space for bedroom, you have to decorate and use room separator. One of the easy separators is by using a curtain. You can easily install rods and some curtain. The area inside the curtain will be your bed. Just give extra space around the bed, so you can have small cabinets or coffee table to put the nightstand. Adding hanging or floating shelves is also a good part of the decoration.

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  1. Bedroom with a separator of bookshelves

Instead of using a curtain, you may also have bookshelves as an alternative of bedroom ideas for apartment. It is a better option since it is solid material. Well, you will get more private area and no one can see your bed when there are friends or families visiting your apartment. The shelves can be modified, so both sides work as the good storages. On the shelves that face bedroom, just use it as a small wardrobe, while the other sides can be used to place books and decorative stuff.

Bedroom apartmen

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  1. Bed with extended storages

Then, the other bedroom ideas apartment can be done by installing a bed with extended storages. It is actually a common bed. However, the frame is designed so the lower part is used as cabinets. The cabinets can be pulled and it is good space to have some clothes or other stuff in there. Some private kinds of stuff are stored there; it is only you who have access.

Apartment bedroom design with hanging lampshades

  1. Separated bedroom in an apartment

Those bedroom ideas for apartments are for the units that have dedicated a room to be a bedroom. It will be different when your apartment is quite large that you have your own bedroom. When you get this kind of bedroom, of course, you can have lots of things to do. Even, some of the ideas above can also be implemented.

In order to make the bedroom looks great, try to have some shelves in the room. It is always good to have shelves. Actually, these are not only to place books but also some artificial plants or other decorative items. You can have hanging or floating shelves, so they are right above the bedroom. It is simple, yet can give a good vibe for the decor.

Then, lightings should be the other simple bedroom ideas for apartments to try. Having some mounted lamp fixtures is a good option instead of having a nightstand. You may find the vintage or rustic designs to give the unique look.

In addition, the last part is to find a good bed frame. The common design can work, but you also have the other alternatives. For example, you may try a bed frame with cabinets on its lower parts. On the other hand, there is also the other style of bed frame that looks unique for bedroom.

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Well, those are some ideas you can try. You can have plenty of ideas depending on your apartment. In case it is a small one where you have no dedicated space for bedroom, explore your creativity to make your own spot. However, the bedroom ideas for apartments are more applicable when space is large enough to have a dedicated bedroom.