Bedroom Ideas for Men with Awesome Designs and Characters

Good designs of the bedroom are not only for women but also for men. Of course, it is not kind of sweet and cheerful bedroom as what is found in women’s bedroom. There should be a design that represents the character of men. Actually, many kinds of great designs can be found as good recommendations of bedroom ideas for men

Bedroom Ideas for Men

bedroom decoration men

Awesome Recommendation of Bedroom Ideas for Men

Bedrooms can be decorated with various styles. There are plenty of designs to make. However, it can be a difficult thing to start when there is no reference. In this case, here are the great designs of bedroom decor for the man that will give both comfort and style.

  1. Grey and white bedroom

The first recommendation of bedroom ideas for men provides a nice combination of white and grey. These two colors give perfect designs for the interior. It gives a clean and spacious look at home, and it is suitable for men who love a clean and tidy vibe. Grey and white bedroom

The bed has a grey frame, and it is also equipped with grey headboard. Then, the grey and white are applied to beddings. For example, pillows have both colors, while the bedcovers use grey tone. For the wall, it also has grey and white. The grey part is located on where the bed is mounted, while the other sides of the wall are in white.

  1. Eclectic bedroom

Then, the next reference of bedroom decor mens has the eclectic look. It combines some concepts of design. However, these do not make the room look messy. Instead, it gives a great look with a masculine vibe. It can be seen from the tone of its wall that has a brown color. There are some wall decorations, such as the hexagonal mirrors. Above the bed, there is a nice painting of classic bicycle. This picture is divided into two parts as if it is two different paintings.

Eclectic bedroom

The flooring cannot be ignored because it gives good insights into bedroom ideas for men. The flooring has nice textures. Basically, it is a pattern of lines. However, the lines have combination colors of brown, white, and grey with different density. Then, these lines are like woven. That’s why the flooring gives great details for the room.

bedroom decor mens

  1. Bold and light bedroom

For those who want to see bold bedroom decoration men, it can be a good reference. It shows a nice color combination. Basically, the room is dominated by brown along with some gradients. The bolder and darker color tone is applied in bed and its frame, as well as the nightstand. It has a good wall made from the wood panel behind the bedroom. Then, the lighter tone of brown is found on the wall and floor.

Bold and light bedroom

The interesting thing about bedroom ideas for men can be found in its illumination. It has unique illumination applied on the bottom of the bed. It is like spotlights that brighten the area of bed on the floor. The illumination uses white color, and it surely makes the bed so bright. It creates the effect as if the bed is floating. Yes, this one is a unique concept that makes the room more attractive.

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  1. Bedroom with blue dots

As its name, the next reference of bedroom ideas for men has a pattern of blue dots. These are also the main interesting things in bedroom decoration. The dots are colored in navy blue and applied on the background of black. Therefore, it really gives a unique and bold pattern. The patterns can be found behind the bed which really emphasizes that it is a bedroom for men.

Bedroom Ideas Men

Then, the bed also gets a dark color. However, it is a color of dark wood. The dark brown is applied on the bed frame and the nightstands together with its cabinet. However, the room has bright color and it can be found on the beddings. Pillowcase and other parts of beddings are in white. Then, the floor also has a lighter tone of brown.

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These four designs really show the character of men. People who enter the bedroom will easily recognize that these concepts are for men. However, each of them has great decoration and style with various color combinations. They give more than a sign of men’s area as they can also show the awesome character. Surely, these bedroom ideas for men can give good insights.