Knowing and Placing the Best Plant for Bedroom

Placing plants in your bedroom can be a good and bad idea. It depends on what plants and how you place it in the room. As a matter of fact, there is the best plant for the bedroom to know. Later on, you can purchase and place it in the bedroom. However, some people also ask about the Feng Shui of placing plants. Are you curious as well? Let’s see the explanation below.

Choosing the Best Plants for the Bedroom

There are actually several plants that are good to be placed in your room. The variety is quite many though, but only some of them will be mentioned here. Let’s get started knowing the best plants to put in the bedroom.

  1. Snake Plant as One of the Best Plants In Bedroom Feng Shui

Best Plant for the Bedroom

The first choice of the best plant for bedroom is snake plant or also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. The leaves grow upward and it is pointy. This plant is a slow-growing plant, making you less worried about how if it gets bigger each day. The maintenance is very easy too.

  1. Peace Lily as the Best Plants In Bedroom

Best Plant for Bedroom

If you want to have a plant which has flowers with it, the peace lily is the answer. This plant has pure white blooms and green leaves. In terms of air purification, this plant is the best one to have. Again, maintenance is really easy.

  1. Cacti and Succulent

best plant for a bedroom

This plant offers something cute for the bedroom. There are many cacti and succulent plants in small size. It is perfect to have in a small or minimalist bedroom. In fact, a small room is best matched with a small plant. Why is it like that? Well, it is related to Feng Shui theory.

  1. Spider Plant

Spider plant can provide fun and fresh air for the bedroom. It is another best plant for a bedroom to have. This plant can be handled very well since it can grow with any kind of lights. Additionally, you can water it with rainwater since it is sensitive to fluoride that can be found in tap water.

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Therefore, there are four best plants to have. According to Feng Shui, it is good to keep a plant in the bedroom. However, make sure that it is not close to the bed because, at night, the plants release carbon dioxide. Therefore, if you want to place any best plant for bedroom, try to pick something in small size and place it far from the bed.