Contemporary Living Room Ideas by Combining Living Room and Bedroom

The living room is one of the busiest places in your house. People do everyday activity in this area. However, there are certain situations that make a homeowner having to transform a living room into a bedroom. Such situations are likely to arise in the current era since space is very limited. There are some smart contemporary living room ideas which are going to help homeowner developing multipurpose living space.

contemporary living room ideas Pictures Modern Living Room Design Ideas
contemporary living room ideas

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How to Divide a Living Room into a Bedroom

Here are some design ideas that you can try to develop a living space that can also work as a bedroom.

  1. Utilizing Curtain to Divide Areas

Some people put divider to separate the sleeping and living area. So, how to divide the living room into the bedroom if the homeowner is on a tight budget, though? A cheap option to think about is placing curtain as the divider. It can be a brand new curtain or an old one that is being repurposed. The installation is simple, as you only need to attach curtain track in a corner of the living room. This division is helping to create privacy without sacrificing precious space.

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converting a living room into a bedroom
  1. Building Sleeping Loft on Top of Living Space

One of the contemporary living room ideas to develop multipurpose space is building a sleeping loft. This design style is particularly popular in the urban area. The bedroom area that is located on top can be accessed through stairs. Meanwhile, the free space underneath is utilized as a living area. It is a nice way to have more room to move around because bedroom and living space is at separate levels. However, this method cannot be achieved if the room is not tall enough.

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  1. Converting A Living Room Into A Bedroom by Placing Multipurpose Sofa

Installing dividers or creating multi-story space may consume too much time for some people. There is an alternative, which is getting a multipurpose furniture piece. The multipurpose sofa is quite popular nowadays. During the day, it is utilized as a seating arrangement. At night, the sofa can be unfolded and extended to become a bed. The price of such a sofa is also inexpensive. You can even build it on your own.

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how to divide a living room into a bedroom
how to divide a living room into a bedroom
  1. Keeping Hidden Bed Against the Wall

The wall bed is also considered among the most popular contemporary living room ideas. This bed is hidden vertically against the living room’s wall. If you are going to use it, you have to pull it down. At the time the bed is not being used, the room will look really sparse and allow occupants to move around. There are many options in the market; some of them are not too pricey.

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how to divide a living room into a bedroom Best Wall Bedroom Ideas How to Decorate

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Those creative contemporary living room ideas are great if you are living in a place where space is very limited. They prove that no big room is necessary to achieve normal functionality.