Cutest Dog on the World and Some Dog Breeds with Cute Appearance

In fact, dogs become one of the popular animals since they are friendly and cute. In addition, they are good friends since they can be trained. Moreover, the dog is also loyal to the owner. Therefore, some families do not consider dogs as pets, but they are called as family members. Among many kinds of the breed, there is the cutest dog in the world, and it is interesting to know this one.

cutest dog on the world

Boo As the Cutest Dog on the World

Most of the dogs have nice and cute appearance. In fact, there are also several competitions to find the cutest dogs, including their skills, beauty, and other points related to the pets. In this case, there is a breed branded as the cutest dog in the world. The dog is named as Boo. Everyone will agree to call it the cutest pet to find.

Actually, the cutest dog in the world boo is a Pomeranian. It is the type of dog with a small size. Even, it is becoming one of the dog species with tiny size. The dog is like a fur ball since it has thick fur and this makes the dog so fluffy. This characteristic also makes Boo as the popular dog. Moreover, it is very active and loves to play. That’s why it always shows cute things and funny actions.

cute dog of the world

In addition, Boo is so popular. As the cutest dog in the world, it has its own social media. Each of photo and post about Boo always gets a lot of likes from the fans. Surely, the face is so cute, as if Boo always has a smiling face. The dog also loves to show funny actions.

Unfortunately, the cutest dog in the world has died at the beginning of 2019. It becomes sad news for the owners and even the dog lovers all around the world. It is said that Boo died due to a broken heart. He was so sad since his best friend, Buddy, passed away in 2017. Since the death of Buddy, Boo showed various signs of heart problems. Of course, this also shows that dogs also have feelings and it makes them special pets.

Other Examples of Cutest Dog on the World

All people agree that pomeranian breeds become a cute dog in the world. Most of Pomeranians have cute appearance. Their tiny size and active temperaments always invite people to play with them. However, there are still other dog breeds that look cute. Therefore, it is interesting to know them.

  1. Golden retriever

cutest dog in the world boo

Golden retriever becomes the popular dog in the world. Many houses adopt dogs as nice pets. There are also many competitions to value and measure the skills of this dog. The golden retriever is not as small as the Pomeranian, but it has nice temperament. It is so friendly and loyal. Moreover, the dog loves to play and it can be trained since it has high intelligence. Even, Golden is a nice friend for kids, and it becomes the cutest dog in the world.

  1. Yorkshire terrier

This dog has an elegant look. Its fur looks great; so many pet owners always find various accessories for the terrier. The dog has great relationships with the owners and even it always requires special attention. Therefore, the dog is known as one of the species that can understand the feeling and temperament of the human. These characteristics make the Yorkshire terrier as the cute dog in the world.

  1. Beagle

cute dog in world

Another reference of the cutest dog in the world can be found in the beagle. The dog has a small size, and it is very friendly. Moreover, it has a great curiosity with many things. It loves to play outside the house as well. Beagle is supported by its character that has high energy. The other special characteristics of the dog can be found from the nose. It has good ability in scent picking.

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Those are some dog breeds with good and cute appearances. There are still other species to find in the world. Actually, all breeds are cute since most dogs like to play, and they love the owner very much. No wonder people love to have the cutest dog in the world as a part of their family.