how to spice things up in the bedroom
how to spice things up in the bedroom

How to Spice Things up in the Bedroom

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It is common for a couple who is in long term relationship to grow affectionate, but less passionate. Often times, long term romantic relationship equates to less tasteful sex. Yes, it becomes a mean to fulfill basic need, instead of fun bonding activity between two people in love. Many people are asking: how to spice things up in the bedroom? There are certain methods that you can try out to improve your bedroom activity.

how to spice things up in the bedroom
how to spice things up in the bedroom

How to spice up the bedroom

Arranging the BedroomIf your relationship is getting a little bit boring, you should try the following inventive methods.

Many people did not realize that environment affects your mood. How to spice up the bedroom outlook to increase your feeling? Well, there are things that you can try out. Changing the sheet regularly will make your bed feel more comfortable. The color of your sheet should be enticing as well. Maroon will be a great choice. It is also important to add scent into the bedroom. Rose and lavender are among the most favorite scents to use.

  1. Trying Out Bedroom Challenges

Another tip on how to spice things up in the bedroom is trying out challenges. You can find viral bedroom challenges on various social media. There are challenges where couple is asked to have sex in a certain period routinely. Well, new position challenges can be tried out as well, but thoughtfully. At the end of challenge, if you are successful, it is important to reward yourself.

  1. Reading Together

Do you and your partner love reading? If yes, you may just find an answer about how to spice it up in the bedroom. It is found that the onslaught of hit erotica novels is correlated with the number of baby birth. The novels are responsible to increasing couples sex drives. Reading novel is better to try because it really encourages people to develop more imagination. Reading together also increases bond.

  1. Experimenting with New Styling

A solution to someone who is asking about how to spice things up in the bedroom: changing your style. Couple who has spent long time together tends to slack of their appearance. Dressing and grooming sloppily certainly does not help in bedroom life. To look more fresh and attractive, it will be best if both parties try out new styling method. They can dress different than usual. It is also encouraged to try new hairdo and makeup.

  1. Introducing Toys to Bedroom

How to spice up the bedroom for him? Introducing adult toys to the bedroom is a way to achieve that. There are toys designated for women and men. This method only works for adventurous people, though. Couple should be brave enough to try using them. It is also important that the two parties agree to the usage in bedroom to make it equally comfortable and fun for both.

Well, there are many ways on how to spice things up in the bedroom. Some methods may not work for certain people. You should explore all the available options

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