Interesting and Affordable Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Rustic home decor ideas have to be found when you want your house to look 100% old fashioned. Sometimes, homeowners are digging the idea of rustic living space when the concept of their house is traditional and there are a lot of wooden parts and furniture inside of it. However, rustic houses do not have to be made out of wood. Contemporary houses can look rustic, too, as long as the decorative elements are right.

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Rustic Home Decor Ideas to Buy on Tight Budget

Talking about rustic home decor ideas, most people think that establishing a house with this kind of theme will cost them a lot of money. Well, it does not have to be that way. There are a lot of ideas related to rustic home decor that can be made or purchased with ease. If you plan to create that rustic ambiance, try to use some ideas down below. It will make the job much easier and definitely turning the space into an old-fashioned house.

  1. Rustic Wooden Picture Ledge

rustic home decor ideas

One of the best rustic decor ideas for the home is by using wooden picture ledge. The ledge is essentially a floating shelf that can be used to keep books, vases, framed pictures, and anything else on it. The ledge looks incredibly rustic as it is just a piece of wood nailed on the wall. However, it is highly functional and will bring you great decoration for the room, especially in the living room and in the bedroom.

  1. Wooden Planter Box

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If you love keeping plants, you have to complete the porch or the outer wall of the house with a planter. The most rustic style of a planter is the wooden planter box, of course. The rustic home decor ideas here should involve hanging the planter boxes on the wall and emphasize the old-fashioned style of the house. Choose a wooden planter box made out of rugged or distressed wood panels so that it looks more authentic. The rustic ideas for the home will make the house looks very interesting and old-fashioned for sure.

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  1. Rustic Pallet Wood Wall Art

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Inside the house, you need wall art. The wall art should be the one with a rustic theme, too. One of the best rustic home decor ideas related to wall art is to use rustic pallet wood wall art. This kind of wall decoration is very vintage and very rustic. Basically, it is just several wooden panels arranged and glued together into a canvas-like art. It can be painted with anything, including quotes, sceneries, and many more. It is going to look rustic and rugged, too, as the wooden pallet is highly noticeable.

  1. Log Vases

In the living room, you can place any centerpiece on the table. However, if you want to use the best rustic home decor ideas, you should consider having log vase as the centerpiece. Log vase looks incredibly rustic. It looks like something that comes straight from the Middle Ages. The vase is essentially a chopped wooden log that has been drilled to create a hollow space inside the log. Flowers or other plants then placed inside the hollow space.

  1. Reclaimed Wooden Letters

The last idea here is to use reclaimed wooden letters. It is very old-fashioned to show off the initial of the family using wooden letters. People now do that only for the nursery or for the kid’s room. However, this is still one of the best rustic ideas for the home since it really turns the house into a rugged and vintage-looking space. Install the reclaimed wooden letters on the outer wall of the house, or you can also use them on the living room wall.

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Of course, beside of those five ideas above, there are still a lot of ideas and a lot of decorative elements as well that can be tried, bought, and applied to create a rustic look to the house. Essentially, it does not have to be all-fancy and expensive stuff needed to create the theme. Those rustic home decor ideas are very affordable and can even be made on your very own when you’ve got the spare time. If you are busy, however, those decorative elements mentioned in the ideas can be purchased with ease, too.