Clever Small Bedroom Ideas Storage to Save Space

Small bedroom ideas storage is often sought by those who are living in tiny houses. These days, having a large house is a privilege. Most people can only afford tiny houses or tiny one-bedroom apartment. That’s why they have to think about how to be comfortable living in that space. The key here is to use the right furniture. Find out more about it down below.

small bedroom ideas with storage

Small Bedroom Ideas Storage for Neat and Tidy Room

Furniture is the key to save space in a tiny bedroom because there are a lot of furniture items that can be used as storage. It means that you do not have to use a large closet or cupboard as storage. They are totally space-consuming and impractical for small space. Here are some of the best small bedroom ideas storage you can try.

  1. Under-the-bed Drawer

One of the best small bedroom ideas with storage is to use the under-the-bed drawer. When you have a large bed in the room, the space underneath it is usually empty and hollow. Instead of letting it empty and dusty, you can turn it into a space for storage. Install drawers under the bed. It can be pulled with ease to reveal the storage area. It is a commonplace to store your clothes and stuff without having to get actual cupboard.

small bedroom ideas storage

Under the bed Drawer

  1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelf is one of the best small bedroom ideas storage. When space is limited, everything has to be used cleverly, including the wall. The best way to turn the wall into storage is to install floating shelves. The shelf is useful to keep a lot of stuff, including books, bags, and many other things. The best thing about floating shelf is that you can use it as decorative elements as well, by displaying colorful stuff on the shelf.

small bedroom ideas storage Floating Shelves

  1. Storage Headboard

The headboard is a noticeable part of the bed. It can be easily used as small bedroom ideas decor by turning it into a small cupboard. Use a headboard completed by rack and drawers inside of it. You can store your books, glasses, and everything else in there. The headboard should be well-decorated so that it can be a great decorative element for the bedroom and everyone will get impressed of them.

small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget


  1. Lift-up Bed

The bed is obviously the biggest furniture in the bedroom. That is why it will be great if the bed can be turned into storage as well. Thankfully, it can. One of the greatest small bedroom ideas storage is to use a lift-up bed. This kind of bed can be lifted up and there is hidden storage underneath it. The storage is large, very large indeed, to keep everything neat and tidy. It can be used to keep clothes, shoes, and other stuff in the room.

Small Bedroom Ideas Storage Lift up Bed

  1. Rolling Rack

Talking about small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, the idea must involve a rolling rack. Rolling rack is a hidden compartment, just like a spice rack in the kitchen that is usually hidden behind something. In the bedroom, the rack can be concealed behind the headboard or behind a chest of drawers. The rack is very cheap to buy. You can even make on your own with ease. It only needs a few stripes of wood and rolling wheels to make.

small bedroom ideas decor

  1. Cushion Storage

A bedroom is usually completed by a cushion. If the room is limited in size, you can still use a cushion, though. Of course, the cushion here must be a special kind. Yes, use cushion storage. This is the cushion with storage right below the fluffy pad. When the upholstered pad is lifted up, there is this hollow, empty storage where you can put whatever you want in there, hence giving you more space to spare in the bedroom. Surely this is one of the cleverest small bedroom ideas storage.

small bedroom ideas with storage

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Now that you know there are numerous furniture items to use as storage and that they do not eat up large space, you can consider buying them right now. The more hidden storage you have, the more beautiful the house can be. Use the right small bedroom ideas storage that fit your style. It will make you end up having a beautiful bedroom to sleep at night.