Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas to Accommodate the Changing Boy

Teenage is a transition period. It means that a teen is starting to show change, inside and outside. The teenager is developing new preferences and perspectives different from ones he or she had in childhood. If you are having a boy of this age, it will be better to research teen boy bedroom ideas to accommodate him. There are various available ideas you can get from many places, but it is important to match them with the boy’s needs. This article will be discussing some of the cool examples.

teen boy bedroom ideas

Amazing Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas to Accommodate Him

Parents worry that they cannot accommodate their teenage boy’s needs since there is only a small space available in the house. However, there are many bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms. It can be done by having a loft-style bed. The bed can be accessed by the straight staircase. Climbing up and down the stairs really help to channel out your boy’s energy. Meanwhile, the free area underneath loft space can be used as a study or gaming space.

teen boy bedroom idea

There is also Teen Boy Bedroom ideas that will encourage them to move a lot. It can be achieved by placing hammock inside the room. The boy can hang around on top of the hammock or just do their fun things. The boy who likes sports activities should be able to decorate the room with his favorite sports gears.


Many teenage boys adore outer space. If your boy is one of them, you can apply this theme into the boy’s bedroom. The design can be achieved by putting a big chalkboard wall at the back of the bed. That wall will be decorated with drawings of planets, stars, and spaceships. The boy can also utilize the wall to write down his own note. To match the theme, use a neutral color such as dark blue and grey.

bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms

Cool bedroom ideas for teenage guys small rooms

One of great teen boy bedroom idea worth to try out is backpacker style bedroom. The design incorporates wooden planks in their natural rich color ceiling and a part of the wall. Place some hooks at the wooden planks so the boy can use it to hang clothes or school bag. The bed does not place in a regular bed frame. You can place it over wooden planks right on the floor to give backpacker vibe.

It is understandable if a teen boy is obsessed with trendy pop culture. There are teen boy bedroom idea to make this preference more palpable. You can build a shelving unit and decorate it with varieties of trinkets related to pop culture. To make it more interesting, install the light in the shelves so the trinkets will be illuminated by the light.

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Teenage Bedroom Ideas

While children prefer uniformed patterns; teenagers will love a little irregularity. It can be applied in the form of mixed bedroom patterns. The bedsheet can have a triangle pattern bed and striped pillowcase. You should remember to use colors in similar tones so it will not clash too badly.

ideas for teenage bedroom

Who says that neutral style bedroom will be boring? Using great teen boy bedroom ideas, this can be achieved easily. The concept is using natural color with cool and warm tonalities. Brown for the bed frame and blue for the bed sheet will provide a cabin-like vibe.

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After knowing some references about teenage bedroom ideas, now you are willing to be given some information about how to make your room bigger even it is a small one. Let’s check this out.

  1. Keep Color Light and Bright

If you have a small room, you can try to put a bright light on it. It will make your room looked bigger than its actual size. Don’t forget to maximize the white color used for the interior design. You can apply it in the blanket, bedclothes, and curtains.

  1. Maximizing The Furniture Arrangement

The second tricks to make your room looked bigger is by maximizing your interior furniture. Please keep it simple and do not put too many pieces of stuff in it. Choose the necessary things that should be put in. you can add some wall cabinet to place your books, cassettes, and some other small things you might need later.

If you need a table set for study, make sure that the placement is not dominating the free space of your room. You can put it near the windows. So, you don’t need to put too many lighting, especially at noon. Teen boy bedroom idea will be more neat and orderly.

  1. Arrange Vertically

This may be the best idea to make your room looked bigger than its actual size. A boy teenager usually doesn’t need a too wide bed for his self. So vertical arrangement will suit his character. You can use the horizontal space for his stuff like a video game, play station, desk, and cupboards. Then, don’t forget to put some rugs to define the free space in it.

To make it nice and sweet, let him add some favorite picture or poster on the wall. A hanging clock and table calendar can be a suit accessories for his desk.

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That’s all several tricks to make an awesome  Teen boy bedroom ideas that you can try at home. Happy trying.