The Best Ways to Create FengShui Bedroom

Creating a Fengshui bedroom is important if you want to bring positive vibes and balanced energy to the bedroom. Feng shui disciplines have been used for centuries, not only by Chinese people but everyone, in general, these days. The benefits of having these principles brought to your bedroom are basically making you will feel comfortable in the room, enhancing the positive energy there, as well as providing good sleep all night long.

How to Make the Perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

So, how to make the perfect Feng Shui bedroom? There are some easy ways that you can try to create such a balanced bedroom. Six of them are listed down below. Make sure your bedroom has all these aspects and you will end up sleeping in a comfortable bedroom full of positive energy every night. Here are the 6 best ways to create a bedroom based on Fengshui bedroom rules.

  1. Mind the Position of the Bed

Mind the Position of the Bed Feng Shui Bedroom

Fengshui principles tell you exactly how to place the bed in the bedroom. In the Fengshui bedroom layout, it is better to place the bed right in the middle of the room. It should be easily approached from both sides of the bed. Also, there should be two bedside tables on each side of the bed. The most important aspect in the Fengshui bed positioning is that do not place the bed in line with the door.

  1. No Electronic Equipment

No Electronic Equipment bedroom

In order to create a truly working Fengshui bedroom, everyone should let go of all electronics and gadget equipment from the bedroom. Things like your laptop, TV, and even exercise equipment should not be in the bedroom because they can easily destroy the positive energy. It is believed that all those electronics carry negative vibes (including EMF and radiations, which are terrible for your health) that distract you from getting rest peacefully.

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  1. Make Good Airflow

Make Good Airflow feng shui bedroom

A great way to create a Feng Shui bedroom is to give the room good airflow. Good airflow is going to keep the room fresh and free from pollutant. Even though it works, keeping plants in the room is not suggestible by Feng Shui principles. Instead, it suggests something way simpler: provide a proper window. Open the window to let the fresh air in. Also, use air purifier or aromatherapy diffuser to enhance the quality of the air in the bedroom.


  1. Choose the Best Bedroom Color Scheme

Contemporary Bedroom Soft Pink Walls Paint Colors Ideas

A good color scheme is important to set the overall mood of the room. According to Fengshui principals, the recommended Feng Shui bedroom colors are those of human skins. It is believed by Chinese people that the bedroom should be matching with human skin colors. That is why the colors of pale white and chocolate brown are the most suitable to be chosen as the scheme of the bedroom.

  1. Use Feng Shui Art for Bedroom

a feng shui inspired teens bedroom

Every bedroom should be decorated by bedroom art, including Feng Shui bedroom. The bedroom art for the room, according to the principles, is the one the owner of the room happy to see. The bedroom art should also be something that the owner of the room wants to see himself in. Hanging something so delightful like that on the wall is always great to invite even more positive energy to the room.

  1. Provide Appropriate Lighting

fengshui bedroom layout

The next suggestion to create a bedroom using Fengshui principles is by providing the appropriate lighting. The light in the bedroom should be quite an abundance during the day and dimmed at night. Having a dark, the gloomy bedroom is never going to result in positive energy. That is why use things that can bring more light, such as Fengshui bedroom mirror are always suggestible. Mirrors reflect light so easily, making the room brighter and livelier for sure.

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Now you know what it takes to make a beautiful bedroom using Feng Shui principles. If you can manage to do all those tips up above, you will definitely have a well-balanced bedroom with all the good vibes in it. Eventually, you will remain healthy and happy because your day starts in that particular Feng Shui bedroom with good vibes in it.