Entertaining Things to do on a Sleepover Whether You are Child or Adult

Sleepover is not just a thing that you do when you are children. Adults also have a sleepover at their friends’ houses once in a while for bonding purpose. Some sleepover experiences can be disappointing, but others can be really splendid. If you know fun things to do on a sleepover, you can definitely experience the best one. Let’s see what kind of activities that can improve one’s sleepover experience!

things to do on a sleepover

What are the Ultimately Entertaining Things to do on a Sleepover?

This following list will help you have a good time during a sleepover. At times someone will experience a sleepover where the participants do nothing except playing with their own gadgets. What to do at a sleepover to have fun and bonding with friends?

  1. Costumed Slumber Party

If you want to go all out with the event, there are several options for things to do on a sleepover including costumed party. Friends tend to like similar things. You can dress up based on specific shows, movies, or books that you and your friends enjoy. This will definitely improve the vibe of being in a fun sleepover. One important thing to note is ensuring that the costumes worn are comfortable and can even be worn when sleeping.

  1. Thematic Movie Marathon

Some people spend the entire course of their sleepover by having a movie marathon. It is indeed one of the super entertaining things to do on a sleepover. To make the experience more fun for all parties included, you should select movies according to a specific theme that had been agreed upon. If your clique is action moviegoers, then action movies that induce high adrenaline rush must be chosen. Prepare snacks to further improve the experience.

  1. Video Game Match

Video game match is among fun things to do at a sleepover if you and your friends like gaming. Choose a video game that allows multiplayer mode where the players are competing against each other. There is little to no fun if you are choosing an easy video game, so the difficulty level must be amped up. Provide a reward for the winner and punishment for the loser to make the event more fun. Prepare some snacks and drinks beforehand to ensure the guests’ comforts.

  1. Bonfire Activity

One of the things to do on a sleepover that involves outdoor setting is bonfire activity. It means gathering around an open fire outdoors. There are many things that you can do there. One can prepare bonfire snacks such as s’mores and barbecues. Singing and storytelling are other fun activities to do around the fire. This activity is suitable if you are doing the sleepover on a campsite since such place will offer a spot for the bonfire. However, if your house has an open backyard, you can easily create one using simple materials.

  1. Cooking New Dishes

If you and your friends are foodies, you should use the opportunity of gathering together to try cooking new dishes. It is an easy way to get everyone involved in the sleepover activity. Some participants can be in charge of chopping while the rests are doing other activities such as sautéing, marinating, and baking. Make a plan for the recipe ahead of time. You can even go to the grocery store together with your pajamas on in order to have more fun.

  1. Small Silly Games

Among many things to do at a sleepover, there is nothing that can replace small silly games. These games are the essentials of a sleepover. Nobody ever really gets out of the phase of considering such games fun. You can play Truth or Dare, Twister, and Goofball as an adult and still find them extremely hilarious and fun. For games that require moving and space, you should open up a room floor ahead of time. The host must plan this ahead of time.

  1. Making Movie Together

Making a movie together is one of the things to do on a sleepover that will leave a long-lasting memory. Prepare the best camera that your peers have. During the beginning of sleepover, create a fun script together with everyone’s input. After that, you can decide on which person playing which character. When the movie filming is starting, everyone is ready in their own station. Editing can be done at the end of the sleepover and the film can be distributed internally as a memento.

These fun things to do on a sleepover are fun enough whether you are an adult or a child. They give opportunities for friends to bond with each other.