Cute and Inspiring Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

Looking for tween girl bedroom ideas is not something easy. Tween girls, or pre-teen girls, are usually very picky and cranky, especially when it comes to their bedroom decoration. Girls of that age range start to consider their bedroom as their ultimate personal space. Thus, decorating the room according to their personal liking and interests are essential.

The Best Examples of Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

For parents who are now getting confused in choosing tween girl bedroom ideas, here are several things you can all consider. Whichever you choose, do not decide on your very own. Ask the girl for her opinion and suggestion because after all, it is going to be her to use the room on a daily basis.

  1. Simple Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Not every girl is going to get the privilege of sleeping in a large bedroom. For girls whose parents owned a small-spaced house or small apartment, they will have to accept that their bedroom is small. For a small bedroom, simple themes are the best. Use themes like the white bedroom or beach-themed bedroom. Themes with bright colors tend to expand the room virtually, providing more comfort for anyone in it.

Tweens girls bedroom ideas
Tweens girls bedroom ideas
  1. Using DIY Projects as Cheap Ways to Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Teenage girls love making DIY projects. They probably get influenced by the internet. DIY projects made by the girl can be used as decorative elements for the bedroom, say for example photo collage. Arrange the photo collages made by the girl and place it on the wall. It is going to be such great tween girl bedroom ideas that cost you literally nothing.

  1. Character-Centered Theme for Cool 10 Year Old Girl Bedroom Designs

For 10 years old, they tend to love characters, such as princesses, cartoon characters, or even celebrities. Use the characters as the center to decorate the room. Use the color scheme related to the character, for example. It will be such an amazing bedroom that the girl totally loves.

  1. Keep It Elegant by Installing Unique Light Fixtures

Teenage girls love bright rooms. This is why you need to make sure that there are lots of light inside the room. Install light fixtures to get that purpose. Make them unique light fixtures, including small chandeliers or wall sconces.


By choosing the right ideas for the pre-teen room, you can make sure the little princess is going to love the room to spend her time in it as well. This is why tween girl bedroom ideas should be thought about the way in advanced, especially when the redecoration is going to be a major one.